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the first 216 years of the republic, george h.w. bush and obama added 5 trillion to the blink of an eye. so as i was developing the essential arguments for the boat, it occurred to me that he's not just redistributing wealth here at home, although he is absolutely doing that. and the way he has done it is by attacking the four core pillars of the u.s. economy. at the industrial, financial set her, and urges that are in the health care set very. those are the four pillars that uphold the entire u.s. economy and they're all interrelated to everything else. from day one he very methodically and very deliberately went about taking down those pillars because they were built on the free market principle of capitalism and remaking non-ascii massive redistributive schemes. he's been more successful in some areas than others. will see that the supreme court does on thursday with obamacare. i happen to think it's grossly unconstitutional. but he went about it in a systematic way. think about it this way. any other american president would be flipping his lid over eight, nine, 10% unemployment because
. but had's making the outreach. george w. bush did it as a candidate but then went several years without showing up at the naacp as president. >> yes, he did. i remember. he went in 2000 and never appeared again. >> yeah. i think -- i at tend he may have appeared at the naacp group. yeah, you are right. basically, though, a lot of antipathy built up over the years because of that. romney is making the outreach. he gets points for that. he also is running against the first black president. and so the fact he shows up as important. he made good points. i thought the idea of school choice is a great issue to go after the black vote with because democrats are tied to the futures union, opposed to anything involved in choice. rank and file, black folks like it. the problem was, you know, once again, he had the words but not the music. i think -- you know. in that way he -- he didn't win a lot of black votes today. >> part of romney's problem is, one, he's mitt romney. also, he's the presumptive nominee of a party that by generally speaking has either ignored african-americans or scapegoated a
presidential leadership. as mr. romney was leaving on this foreign trip, it was announced that george w. bush, the last republican president, will not be going to the convention that will nominate mr. romney next month. and as mr. romney returns from this trip, it is announced that former vice president dick cheney will not be going to the convention either. mr. cheney telling abc news he plans to go fishing instead. so the olympics, not just the trip, but the metaphor, is apt here. this is a passing of the torch. the republican party this week is insuring that the existing torch holders are in fact going to hand it over. but the guy they're trying to hand it over to at this point in his campaign seems more apt to light himself metphorically on fire with that torch than to run it anywhere. joining us now is john harwood, cnbc's chief washington correspondent. thank you for your time. nice to see you. >> hi, ms. leader. >> you can call me anything. after five days of vacation at this point, i'm impuvious to insult. how are republicans in d.c. reacting to the romney overseas trip? is this accom
was famous and i was powerful. >> i'm george w. bush and i approve this message. in fact, i think it is awesome. ♪ john is in the basement mixing up the medicine ♪ ♪ i'm on the pavement thinking about the government ♪ ♪ the man in the trench coat [ male announcer ] let's say you need to take care of legal matters. wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier, less-expensive option than using a traditional lawyer? well, legalzoom came up with a better way. we took the best of the old and combined it with modern technology. together you get quality services on your terms, with total customer support. legalzoom documents have been accepted in all 50 states, and they're backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to tod and see for yourself. it's law that just makes sense. a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. beca
was up here in the primary with the candidates including george w. bush have been in fall in six presidential campaigns. now seven. hopefully i will continue in new hampshire. it is such a critical state. it is great to see steve's results as an entrepreneur. i knew he was a great friend said john mccain. he was doing a little bit of everything on the campaign trail. we used to talk about what he was up to back home. he is engaging in a presidential campaign. if you are an entrepreneur and a risk taker, you need a business environment. part of that will be dictated by washington. right now all the unpredictability in our economy, it is not difficult to get people to take a risk and to do what steve has done and what my family has done an ohio. my father was a small business guy who took a risk. he left his job in sales and started his own business. i asked him whether he would do it again. he said, i do not know. there's so much uncertainty out there. you have a government that does not seem to get it. they're making it more difficult and not easier to get jobs. steve has taken r
last three presidents would be mitt romney, barack obama and george w. bush, three men who personally have very little love for politics, very little love for the sport of it all, very little love or understanding of the grand sweep of history, unlike say a bill clinton or a ronald reagan or an fdr. there just doesn't seem to be the joy in these guys either on the campaign trail or when they're governing. they seem to be -- well, at least the two that are running this time technocrats. >> they're competitive without being cheerful. i any what mark just said is exactly right, that politicians get in trouble when they act as though they're pundits or color commentators. you think about obama -- wandered into the truth but that editorial meeting in washington state in 2008 when he said reagan was transformative but clinton wasn't. >> nevada. >> reno. >> however true that might be, it was the wrong way to say it. >> you can't say it as a presidential candidate. >> the thing that really struck me about looking at romney in london was his lack of agility. it was this incredibly stiff presen
is a doofus, george w. bush , sarah palin, dan qyl 's t tca d thno's nrubau ruthnydy e either, but governor romney is someone who is so furious and tone and style and intellect in mission they can do that holeustihes isolal kler. he is not john mccn, god love him, and i respect mccain. ge h. bhbob dole, and he's not oves ta, d al t theeyunng the sort of old tired campaigns. they ran 20th century mcasyigns. aidunrabaantho rneotfeo that and all. there is no bigger political killer on the scene than barack obama. you he to send aolitic pol coranh llg y, gery heant.ife if he contends th presidency, and he will run and do everything he can to win this office. oba.s not afraid of barack 's afm. ng teally co oaniz sending buses -- [applause] yes. sendinbuses now ulece omand gate eyoavlr axd, tay ting of community organizing. this sort of master of modern day astroturf. he didn't know what to do. ydro uphett useo ihe iraccs ey'tw t ey. team romney is getting really good at i his ability to take out the other side in debate, if you wahreouatf athi a mas hesnaknyru es a ter seo aninn a. so i am all
george w. bush worked on a spree of fighting wars and the national debt doubled on his watch. >> and president obama with be lower if the republican would have allowed the tax cuts to expire the way jerome bush planned for them to expire. >> stephanie: this is just out of the l.a. times. >> i would love to get posted on "the stephanie miller show" website. >> stephanie: i think we can do that. >> i would do. >> i think that would be wolf. slowest growth of government spending send eisenhower. >> stephanie: we should post this. we'll talk more about it when we get back. it's serious. they're playing chicken with the economy. it's called the fiscal cliff. our elected representatives our republicans friends seem determined to plunge us into financial catastrophe for the sake of political gain. >> this is why congress has a lower approval rating that chlamydia. >> stephanie: 46 minutes after the hour. we'll be back am more jump days with john. >> oh come on, you got to admit this is cool. >> it's "the stephanie miller show." [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ music ♪ ] >
to do a good show ... in 2005, when receiving the presidential medal of freedom then-president george w. bush said tv shows come and go, but there's only one andy griffith." there was no cause of death given. andy griffith was 86 years old. >>he seemed to really be the character that he played on screen ... >>he certainly seemed that way i never interviewed him but in every interview i ever looked at he seemed to be the rock in the center of the madness ... you could still watch these shows and laugh your head off here on wgn ... attorneys are back in court today, as the judge in the drew peterson murder trial hears more pre-trial motions. wgn's julian crews is live at the will county courthouse with the very latest. >>could afternoon the judge cleared the courtroom of reporters and public just a short while ago to your legal arguments ... obviously those that are deemed to be sensitive what is being discussed in the courtroom is not entirely clear at this point they will county judges hearing a variety of defense motions to day motions that drew peterson and his defense team hope w
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of george w. bush. barack obama replaced it with a bust of martin luther king, jr. jesus mitt romney where does your loyalty lie? yeah let's put mlk in the back of the bus and put winston churchill right up front. god, romney. and then he gives this interview with brian williams where he asks do you think the brits are off to pulling off the olympics. >> do they look ready to your experienced eye. >> it's hard to know just how well it will turn out. there were a few things disconcerting about the private security firm not having enough people, the supposed strike of the immigration and customs officials -- >> oh, this is great. this is great. go to england and dump all over the brits. go there for the olympics and say it looks like it is going to be a total bust. it's hard to say how it will turn out. he didn't make any friends among the brits. >> if you go through all of his mistakes yesterday he is george w. bush. >> no, bush was smooth compared to romney. so i tell you the prime minister really shot back at romney. and basically said you yahoo, what do you know. it's
president's son, george w. bush, who is conservative on many issues but lead on this issue. on this issue, or whether it is gay rights, or woman's reproductive rights, can you imagine a similar transformation happening in conservative figures? >> yes, i always say it is inevitable to us, inconceivable to them, and it is our job to shorten the distance between the inevitable and the inconceivable. it takes our work not only inside to maneuver and persuade, but the outside mobilization it is essential, and in almost every issue the american people are ahead of the elected officials. i had the privilege of being in new york city with some colleagues yesterday with bono, who had worked on the aids issue. we started working with bono on that debt forgiveness issue, the millennium challenge in the jubilee year to end that debt that some many countries were oppressed with. that is the initiation of communication with jesse helms, on the debt forgiveness, and we said to bono did you have to be bipartisan, and you will have to reach out to some of these people, and the next thing you know jesse he
be like george w. bush having only been up 6 points in alabama over john kerry in 2004. that is too close. if you're an incumbent president and democrat you need to be killing in michigan, it needs to be a total wipe out for you. you should not have to ror reabout spending resources there. in the i70 and north corridor going out from pennsylvania all the way out to iowa up into wisconsin, michigan, those states he's got big problems. democrats had huge problems there in 2010 and president obama has the worst numbers among white working class voters who are maybe as much as 40% of the election threa electorate since walter mondale. megyn: if bill clinton were running they'd say, there i my guy. i love bill clinton, the boy from hope. if they don't connect with president obama is bill clinton getting up there andt me, he's o it? >> i tell you what he's going to say. he's pretty good, he's not as good as i was, but he's pretty good, he's pretty good. megyn: there is risk of that with president clinton, there is very real risk of that. >> that's what he does. you remember in the springtime wh
george w. bush lef oficethub has rols trioe lyt thridsed n e a cut est rv sceic ass thing to do. his vice president can take that approach. [laughter] but when he finally broke cover about two ekoai' lycntrirismf tad gyli f nt oo esid i n'lie our president, our country should criticize our president said that the public role of supporting theren e ots. ai nzi me n,yes although we argu about whether eiseower counts as a texan and two men who had woed closely with senher est jon jo e ilrupuan t deat e t key' ssiooh i t oneenhower and as i needed you for a long time. i need you more than ever now. the next morning eiseer edhirndrito ys te e ou jon. kne ngn at riou lan a l pad. it's got a joint session of congss and here is that you need to say because the world is watching. e coy israize e eratgoto enn b des nd omto hi r r usro key' agenda. kennedy's agenda was stalled in congress for not going anywhere. eisenhower sufficing him to push tr thnoteceiow kennsaed thae hoer li aisenat unne w mge stability and continuity. throughou
with the exception of ron paul, all came forward and said let's do exactly what george w. bush did and call it something different. and it seems to me the republican party at this point are only good at two things redistribution of wealth to the top 2% and convincing social conservatives that this is a good thing. suzannea is calling us from illinois. good morning. >> hi. i have advise for david axelrod. i live in illinois and i have had robo calls saying terrible things about the president. if my son would have answered the phone, you know, he loves the president. they talk about it in school. my 9-year-old school -- >> can i ask what terrible things the robo calls were saying? >> i have had normal things before, but this is like obama is a traitor, he's coming to get you. and i blame the republican party for getting calls like that. i think it's public harassment. >> i agree. but citizens united you are going to see a lot more of that especially in the swing states. and if mitt romney gets to have donald trump doing robo calls for him, then we get to call it what it i
for bush were my favorite anti-george w. bush satirical idea all through the bush years. they were the sa tire troupe that would show up to bush campaign events or fund-raisers or sometimes march through the streets professing to be billionaires in favor of president bush and his policy. for more war, for more wars. they would dress up in tuxedos and top hats and evening gowns and carry signs that said things like taxes are not for everyone. thank you for paying our fair shea. widen the income gap. for more barpz privatize everything. look at that in the back. corporations are people, too. this was preromney saying that. billionaires for bush was sort of genius. they did survive into the obama era when they became the anti-health reform group billionaires for wealth care. they dressed up in top hats and tails and occasionally as health care industry ceos to oppose health reform with signs like if we ain't broke, don't fix it. and let them eat advil. fight socialism, end medicare now. usually these guys announce their presence. they will put out a press release. billionaires for thing some
's right. but george w. bush should have gone in his first term too and he did not. he's making the mistake his predecessor made. it's a valid criticism. the president of either party needs to go to israel, support israel. >> there's pictures when he was there in 2008 as a candidate. but as president, mary, he went to egypt, turkey, a whole bunch of other countries. >> but bush was not anti-israel even though he didn't go his first term. president obama has been very strongly supportive of israel as president and he will be if and when he gets a second term. that's the most important. >> that's not the reflection or the opinion of those who know the most about israel. they do not think he's been strong on israel. and i'd like to remind everybody what's happening in the first term -- >> i will say as someone who studied the u.s.-israeli relationship for a long, long time on a military to military relationship to intelligence is very strong right now between the united states and israel. there may be some personal irritation between netanyahu and president obama, but on a substantiative issue
. >>> and former president george w. bush celebrates his birthday by giving a gift to countries in africa. a multi-million dollar effort to fight cervical cancer. >>> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> 102 degrees in the shade. this picture, take a look at it, taken here in washington. sums up what much of the nation is feeling today. yet another day of blistering heat. triple digits in many places shattering records all over the map. the heat is dangerous, potentially deadly. it's almost impossible to escape. and for the hundreds of thousands still without power, without access to air-conditioning, it verges on the unbearable. the heat is also devastating to the economy. a drought in parts of the midwest may be the worst in decades. and prospects for the corn crop right now they are dimming every day. we have the latest on all the weather conditions, what you need to know to stay safe. but let's begin with lisa sylvester right now. she's here in washington, d.c. lisa, just how hot is it outside of the nat
and norah that was something no one would have expected in 2005 when president george w. bush put him on the supreme court and that was something that not even the conservative justices expected back in march when the court heard arguments in this case. i am told by two sources with specific knowledge of the court's deliberations that roberts initially sided with the conservatives in this case and was prepared to strike down the heart of this law, the so-called individual mandate, of course, that requires all americans to buy insurance or pay a penalty. but roberts, i'm told by my sources, changed his views decideing to instead join with the liberals. he withstood-- i'm told by my sources-- a month-long desperate campaign by the conservative justices to bring him back to the fold and that campaign was led, ironically, by justice anthony kennedy and why that's ironic is because it was justice kennedy that conservatives feared would be the one most likely to defect but their effort, of course, was unsuccessful, roberts didn't budge, the conservatives wrote that astonishing joint dissent
the already dismal 11% george w. bush picked up in 2004. romney speaks today as less about the probably impossible task of moving african-american vote nears his column than it is about making his candidacy more appealing to white suburban voters. the naacp convention has been dominated by republican driven voter i.d. efforts in the states that many african-american voters see and intends to disenfranchise them. romney's already difficult task got harder yesterday when attorney general holder delivered a blistering speech framing texas' proposed voter i.d. law as a segregationist effort to erode african-american turnout. >> under the proposed law, concealed handgun licenses would be acceptable forms of photo i.d. but student i.d.s would not. many of those without i.d.s would have to travel great distances to get them and some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them. we call those poll taxes. >> that reference was not in holder's prepared remarks. after holder spoke the convention pass ad resolution saying that the contempt citation that the republican hous
services secretary under george w. bush, and former governor tommy thompson now running for the cites senate in his home state and full disclosure, i have endorsed his campaign for a lot of reasons i just shared with you. >> thank you very much, governor. >> mike: i want to begin right at the heart of this issue, you helped create the welfare reform movement by in an area in wisconsin, trying out the things that ended up working. other gorps said we'd like to do that, too. now we're seeing an attempt by the obama administration to make changes. i want you to first speak, what's the heart of what makes welfare reform work? >> the fact that people have to get up in the morning, go to work, and be able to get themselves out of poverty. i always told people you can't get out of poverty by not working and the welfares mothers responded in the state of wisconsin and across the country. always the responsibility for them, they had to have some skin in the game. and we would continue to provide for help for them and assistance, but they had to get up, look for a job and go out and get a job a
hollow. republicans have been saying this for decades but have never put it into practice. george w. bush left a legacy of debt from two unfunded wars and benefits to the wealthy. taking aim at the president, president obama has also failed to articulate what a second term would look like." again, from "at the l.a. times." are you getting the vision you want from your candidates? mitt romney, new hampshire, part of a bus tour that began about 1 1/2 weeks ago where he tried to articulate his view of the country. [video clip] >> for the last few years to many americans have been struggling and i and distress. the spirit of enterprise, the spirit that howard america's economic engines for growth and prosperity, that spirit still lives strong. it is the goal of this campaign and the mission of my presidency to nurture that spirit and see it flourish in this great land. >> those comments came from -- host: those comments are from mitt romney. there is a story this morning on the front page of "the new york times." propelled by a torrent of blistering advertisements, the president is raising qu
. when you reduce taxes, as john f. kennedy did, as ronald reagan did, as george w. bush did, and in fact, the bush tax cuts resulted in a 13% increase in revenue. the president knew that. he said that if you keep money in the private sector, it is not the government put the money, it is the people's money. if people keep the money, they could invest, hire more people. i believe tax cuts clearly create jobs, which then increases revenue and the bush tax cuts prove that point. i would be happy to get that information to you. do not hesitate to contact my office a i am telling the truth. host: barbara. south dakota. independent line. caller: good was just curious, e elected as a representative, senator, or congressman, i understand you are part of either the democratic or republican party, but once you are elected, is it not your duty to represent both parties, the democratic and republican, because you are our elected official? is it not your responsibility to look at both sides and take the best pieces from both sides and decide what is went to work best for the people that live in this c
there. the media says a lot of things about mitt romney. in 1987, george h.w. bush, when he was vice president at the time, "newsweek" did the exact same thing. look at the article they did in 1987. they asked whether he was too wimpy to be president. this got under the bush family's skin. this is a different sort of media environment. back then, the cover of a news magazine having much impact in shaping a narrative in a presidential race in 1987 was probably much stronger than it is today, john. mitt romney will probably be same. >> george h.w. bush won, by the way. he may have been a wimp, but he won. >> also, the republicans succeeded in making michael dukakis the wimp in 1988, not george h.w. bush. so in the end, the wimp thing didn't really matter. >> we have news on the democratic side. we're waking up to news that bill clinton is going to be speaking on wednesday night of convention week in charlotte, the primetime speech that wednesday night, nominating president obama. looking at the long complicated relationship between the clintons and obamas, this is a particularly big de
goods store. meaning what? george w. bush is drinking again. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] >> why did you do that? >> because it was hot! bath salts making somebody hot and crazy again. >> stephanie: did you see george w. bush did an interview. he has that same vocabulary recall. he said eight years was awesome and i was famous and i was powerful. >> i'm interested in politics. he said that. he actually said i'm interested in politics. really? should have paid more attention to it while you were running the country. >> stephanie: new chapter in his life. one that is awesome. >> i would know about chapters if i ever read books. >> stephanie: he said my time as president is over. did i what i did. striving for a legacy is a complete waste of time. a legacy will emerge with recent times. >> stephanie: the legacy thus far, worst president ever! >> mitt romney meeting with everybody from the bush administration to get tips on how to run things. >> stephanie: dick cheney was huddling with republicans on capitol hill yesterd
and or has been. >> reporter: this in many ways swift boat attacks the 2004 campaigns and george w. bush and republicans tried to prevent john kerry from using his perceived asset, military record against the incumbent president then was a wartime election. much the same seems to happen to mitt romney. incumbent democrats are trying to take away his business background as asset and make it a liability. this is not something that plays to key issues of the american public and ad war continues. here is little bit of the latest obama attacked a out today, back with bain capital headlines from the press. and there is a new response ad from the romney campaign which is very telling. in it, you see video of the president talking on the campaign trail 3 1/2 years ago. and mr. obama says if you don't have a record to run on, then you paint our opponent as someone people should run from. obama said back then, that this is an example of once again, a candidate who doesn't have much because you don't have any fresh ideas you use stale tactics to scare voters. romney campaign argue that is exactly w
served with: president ford, president carter, president reagan, president george h.w. bush, president clinton, president george w. bush. somehow we have a different standard for president obama. do they really want to establish this as being the standard? do they not think that someday there may be a republican president and know that that's the standard that they want? it would happen there. during the past five presidential election years, senate democrats have never denied an up-or-down vote to any circuit court nominee of a republican president who received bipartisan support in the judiciary committee. that's 20 years, five presidential election years. during the last 20 years only four circuit nominees reported the bipartisan support have been denied an up-or-down vote by the senate. all four were nominated by president clinton and blocked by senate republicans. this entire year the senate has yet to vote on a single circuit court nominee who was nominated by president obama this year. since 1980, the only presidential election year in which there were no circuit nominees confir
a baby. [ male announcer ] "the campaign." >>> so what do former president george w. bush and president barack obama have in common? well, they both won the same nine battleground states on the way to the white house. former president bush did it in 2004 and of course president obama in 2008. today, we're going to take a look at those nine battleground states. but let's start with a quick refresher. back in 2004, show you the maps of how bush beat kerry. here you go, as you can see. almost all red except on the coasts, near the great lakes. basically, if your state touched water, you voted for kerry, except if you touched southern warm water. here was the obama map. if you will, this, of course, took -- made a lot of those red states blue, went down farther, the mid-atlantic seaboard and showed that, yes, even the southern waters with was warm to the democratic party in the blue, if you will. so we're going to start with, what about those states that went obama and bush and show you what it looks like if the kerry states stay in the democratic column and go from there. let me take you t
. >> reporter: in 2005, george w. bush presented him with the medal of freedom. >> it was about a little town and all the people who lived in it. all those sweet shows, they just came with the territory. >> reporter: griffith died in his home state of north carolina, at the age of 86. leaving memories of warm sunshine and good times along the country road of anyone's dream. that same interview, andy griffith said they had a rule on the show, if the joke made a liar out of a character, they got rid of it. if they did that for "modern family," it would last about 15 minutes and be as fun as a civil war documentary. >> chris connelly, a wonderful piece. thank you. >>> i'm going to go with disturbing news if you're headed to the beach this holiday. it's unusual to have shark sightings on both coasts. they've been sighted off cape cod in the east and san diego in the west. abc's david wright has the story. >> shark. >> reporter: merely mention a great white shark, people mentally add in the soundtrack to "jaws." this fourth of july, that scary music can scare you, with shark sightings on both coas
will give it a shot. legislation signed into law by president george w. bush in 2006, that i and others worked on, requires at least four members of the nine members of the board of governors have experience managing large organizations, and aside co- authored the legislation, our goal with this provision was to encourage the president to send nominees to the board with relevant business experience, something that was sorely lacking on the body at the time. we have some governors with business experience, but not as much as we hoped to have when we were drafting the 2006 law. could you share your thoughts on the qualification criteria for the board and what you think w
of what republicans did during the george w. bush year. it was actually a negative job growth. but he gets to just sort of toss this out there. and in our fast-paced media environment, very few of us challenge it point by point. and he puts himself forward as this successful businessman with a magical elixir, which is why the obama campaign is aggressive in trying to get the ba capital stuff out. there the outsourcing and outshoring. in this period of time, it's a race to frame romney in the eyes of the american people. >> part of this is about defining what we mean when we say successful businessman. i have an appreciation for small business people. i was thinking about black community folks who owned funeral homes and barbershops and bultty salons. folks start with little capital and make something. i have enormous respect for that and feel like we can learn a lot from folks on that. that is not what bain is and the businessman story of mitt romney is. >> this tells you wha his vision is. his vision of the economy is the vision of having a bunch of really powerful, really concentrated co
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